When you complete this 3-day course you will have the skills and knowledge to take a project from start to finish using the tools and library provided by Autodesk.

As well as learning how to create your model from scratch and set it up for print, you will also learn how to create real-time solar studies, 2D renders (CGI) and video walkthroughs. 

This course is instructor led, involving the utilisation of examples and exercises in a workshop environment.

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  • Becoming familiar with the Interface
  • Learning the basic tools and editing techniques
  • Understanding the formation of walls
  • Creating the building’s levels and grid system
  • Placing Components such as doors & windows
  • Creating the structure, floors, ceiling, roof, stairs, 2D details and curtain walls
  • Being fully capable of using the supplied library of components and materials
  • Applying tags, creating schedules & legends and annotation
  • Generating visualisations such as solar studies, rendered images and video walk-throughs
  • Finally setting up for print

Students should have a good working knowledge of how to use a PC.

Previous experience on a CAD program, as well as construction industry knowledge is not essential but will benefit the student.

Our courses run from 9.30 am to approximately 4.15pm. While you are with us we are focused on offering you a relaxed and productive learning environment. When you book a course with us you get the following:

  • A full colour training manual/book.
  • The exercises that you have worked on during your course to allow you to practice afterwards.
  • USB stick to take the exercises away.
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Freshly prepared lunch.
  • Refreshments throughout the day.
  • Training in fully air conditioned facilities from an experienced instructor.
  • Navigating Revit
  • Understanding the terminology
  • Becoming familiar with the view types
  • Creating a Project
  • Working with Templates
  • Using the Wall tool
  • Modifying Walls
  • Applying Constraints
  • Using Temporary Dimensions
  • Manipulating Walls
  • Editing an Element and Component
  • How to apply the Modifying Tools
  • Defining a Buildings Levels
  • Creating Reference Levels
  • Creating a Grid System
  • Applying structural elements to the grid
  • Placing Doors and Windows
  • Loading Doors and Windows from the Library
  • Creating Additional Door and Window Types
  • Placing Architectural Columns
  • Placing Structural Columns
  • Creating Additional Column Types
  • Creating Floors
  • Modifying its boundaries
  • Creating Shaft Openings
  • Creating Sloped Floors
  • Creating Roofs
  • Creating Roofs by Footprint
  • Reference Planes and Work Planes
  • Creating Roofs by Extrusion
  • Attaching Walls to Roofs
  • Creating Ceilings
  • Applying a grid system
  • Adding Ceiling Fixtures
  • Adding Components
  • Modifying Components
  • Creating Stair by Component
  • Modifying Component Stairs
  • Creating Stair by Sketch
  • Creating Ramps
  • Creating and placing Railings
  • Creating and editing Curtain Walls
  • Embedding Curtain Walls
  • Creating a Grid by segments
  • Changing Panels
  • Applying Mullions
  • Duplicating Views
  • Setting the View Display
  • Elevations and Sections
  • Cropping Views
  • Applying Tags to doors, windows, etc.
  • Creating Rooms and Room Tags
  • Creating Schedules
  • Creating Legends
  • Adding Components to Legends
  • GIA, Gross Building and rent-able areas
  • Creating Area Plans
  • Defining Area boundaries
  • Area Schemes
  • Area Schedules
  • Creating colour legends
  • Placing Dimensions
  • Placing Text
  • Placing Leaders
  • Setting Up Callout Views
  • Drawing Detail Lines & Insulation
  • Creating a Line Style
  • Creating Regions
  • Placing Detail Components
  • Setting the sun to your geographical location
  • Applying a specific date and time in history
  • Creating Still, Single-Day and Multi-Day Solar studies
  • Showing Analemma path
  • Create an animation of the Solar Study
  • Placing camera views
  • Create an Interior and Exterior render
  • Setting lighting scheme and sun settings
  • Adding an image to the background
  • Adjusting the exposure
  • Creation of video walkthroughs
  • Export as an animation
  • Arranging Sheets to print
  • Placing and Modifying Views on Sheets
  • Editing the Print Setup
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This course is run by arrangement for private groups and 1-2-1 sessions.

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