Classroom training now available


This introductory Authorised Adobe Dreamweaver training course is for new and inexperienced users of Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver is the program that put web technology into the hands of the designer. Adobe Dreamweaver enables the creation of sophisticated and professional websites without the need to learn HTML coding. You can map your website, check links, test run it in browser windows, and edit and publish with ease.

What Will I Learn?

This Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver training course will teach you how to design and publish web sites using the features and facilities offered by Dreamweaver.

This course is instructor led, and involves working on a number of practical, hands on examples and exercises in a workshop environment. Led by highly experienced Adobe Dreamweaver trainers, our hands-on courses mean that you will leave with lots of practical experience as well as useful tips and tricks.

Am I Ready For This Course?

This course assumes that you have a basic understanding of Windows and the web.

Your Dreamweaver Training

Our courses run from 9.30am to roughly 4.15pm with refreshments throughout the day and a break for lunch.

We offer a relaxed, supportive learning environment, fully air-conditioned facilities and some of the nicest instructors on the planet.

Also, you’ll receive:

✔ A full-colour manual covering everything in the course so that you can recap.
✔ A USB stick for the course exercises to let you practice more in your own time.
✔ A snazzy Certificate of Attendance to show that you trained with the best.

  • Static page architecture
  • Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Dreamweaver interface basics
  • Defining a local site
  • Development process
  • Viewing a page in different ways
  • Adding content
  • Formatting document
  • Text formatting
  • Setting page properties
  • Importing files
  • Using styles
  • Creating and modifying styles
  • Applying styles to text
  • Understanding links
  • Linking to files in your site
  • Linking to named Anchors
  • Adding e-mail links
  • Graphics on web pages
  • Placing graphics on the page
  • Modifying image properties
  • Wrapping text around images
  • Image maps
  • Adding Flash objects
  • Structuring data with tables
  • Importing tabular data
  • Designing in Layout View
  • Nested tables
  • Creating site templates
  • Site Library Items
  • Understanding HTML forms
  • Form processing
  • Setting navigation of the form
  • Attaching Custom Scripts To Form Buttons
  • Validating A Form
  • Rollover Rules
  • Creating Simple Rollover Images
  • Creating Disjointed Rollover Images
  • Creating Navigation Bars
  • Flash Objects
  • Meta Tags
  • Preparing your Site
  • Uploading files
  • Updating your files