The Autodesk Inventor Essentials course is designed for new users who require comprehensive training in Autodesk Inventor software. This hands-on foundation course covers the basic Autodesk Inventor features used to create, edit, document, and print parts or assemblies. Students learn about basic features by referencing print documentation and using real-world exercises.

This course is designed for students to learn the basics of mechanical 3D computer-aided design using Autodesk Inventor 2013. Students learn how to navigate the gesture-based user interface and receive overviews of the basic sketching, part-modeling, and assembly-modeling techniques. The course also includes a general review of the tools used for creating mechanical drawings.

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The primary objective of the course is to teach students the skills needed to create part and assembly models of moderate complexity and document those designs with drawing views.

After completing this course, student should be able to

  • Use basic part and assembly modelling techniques
  • Be familiar with documenting models with drawings and annotations

A basic design and/or engineering knowledge.

A minimal understanding of 3D CAD design is an advantage, but not necessary, experience of Microsoft® Windows® is necessary.

  • Introduction to file types ipt, iam, idw and dwg
  • File relationships
  • Autodesk inventor user interface
  • Creating 2D Sketches
  • 2D Geometric Constraints
  • Dimensioning Sketches
  • Creating Tolerance based Sketches
  • Using Parametric Parts
  • Creating Features
  • Creating Work Features
  • Creating Tolerance based Features
  • Creating Chamfers and Fillets
  • Creating Holes and Threads
  • General Feature creation
  • Dimension, Annotations and Tables
  • Automated Dimensioning Techniques
  • Manual Dimensioning Techniques
  • Annotating Holes and Threads
  • Annotation of Surface, Welds and GT tolerance
  • Creating Centerlines, symbols and leaders
  • Revision tables and tags
  • Assembly-centric bill of materials
  • Creating and customizing parts list
  • Creating Balloons
  • Drawing Standards and Resources
  • Setting Drawing Standards
  • Basic View Creation
  • Drawing creation environment
  • Base and projected views
  • Section views
  • Detail views
  • Crop views
  • Understanding the Assembly environment
  • Working with Assemblies
  • Component relationship within Assemblies
  • Placing components in an assembly
  • Placing and Constraining Components
  • Constraining components
  • Interacting with an Assembly
  • Identifying parts in an assembly
  • Using Tolerances to analysis Interference
  • Review of the Content Center
  • Using the Content Center
  • Print files to Design Review
  • Measure and Mark-up
Autocad Training - Autodesk Inventor - Essentials

Course duration: 3 days

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