Microsoft SharePoint End User Training

SharePointThese Microsoft SharePoint End User courses will make you a confident user of SharePoint. SharePoint is a Microsoft solution generally used by medium and large businesses. It provides an entire framework for document and content management, collaboration and social media tools and contact management. SharePoint’s websites can be used to store, track, and share all of the work that people do. As with all new software frameworks it can be a little daunting initially however. We will show you how to make the most of SharePoint’s capabilities and get you comfortable with how to get things done.

By the end of one of these courses, you will be able to collaborate with other users through their SharePoint portal. You will be comfortable with document management, lists, discussion boards and surveys. Additionally, you will learn how to manage and customise the SharePoint sites that have been created for your team.

Which level course would you like?

1. Training with a highly experienced Microsoft SharePoint certified trainer.

2. A full colour A4 SharePoint manual for you to take home.

3. Free parking at our site.

4. Lunch and plenty of refreshments through out the day.

5. A comfortable, air conditioned training environment.

6. The exercises that you will work on (Where appropriate a USB stick is provided for you to take your training exercises away with you)

Course Approach

These courses are focused on ensuring that when you leave you are a confident SharePoint user. Our courses are our courses are deliberately very hands-on. We believe that skills are developed through guided practice which reinforces learning and shows you how to apply what they are learning practically. Our exercises are carefully chosen to emphasise the key aspects of each lesson.

By encouraging our delegates to work independently on SharePoint exercises we allow them to become familiar with how menus are structured and accessed and how documents can be edited etc.

Uses Of SharePoint

SharePoint is widely used by medium and large businesses. It is a multi-faceted solution. It is used for document control and enterprise content management at it’s most simple. However, it’s functionality is such that it can be used for numerous other tasks. It offers the ability to set up and run wikis and share contacts. It will also alert you when other users are online so that you can initiate a ‘chat sessions’ or instant messaging. It also allows users to set up personal web pages which can give others within their organisation an introduction to who they are and what their role is. Other uses include inventory management, blogs, meeting management and dashboard maintenance. SharePoint can be used extremely widely. It also incorporates a search function and can be used to produce workflow solutions for organisations. As it is such a flexible platform individual IT departments can configure it for their own organisation’s specific purposes.

Background & Overview

SharePoint was first introduced in 2001. Subsequent releases of new SharePoint functionality have followed the Office release cycle. So new versions have been made available in 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. Initially the uptake of SharePoint was relatively slow. Since the release of SharePoint 2010, which was a signficant improvement on previous versions uptake has been increasingly rapid.
This has partly been a result of improved functionality and ease of use as newer versions of SharePoint have been introduced and partly as a result of people understanding and acknowledging that benefits of the functionality that it offers.

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