Customer Service Training

Our customer service courses will show you exactly how to deliver amazing customer service which ensures your clients keep coming back and referring you to others. Customer service training covers far more than just dealing with complaints but offer you the ability to make your business stand out by understanding your customers better and so generating                                                     more business at a lower cost.

Providing excellent customer service is the surest way to greater success for your organisation and so for a successful career. It costs far more to attract a new customer than it does to retain and existing customer and so customer service training will usually offer a great ROI per pound spent than new marketing initiatives.

People talk about really great service and really poor service, but rarely what goes on in between. Our training courses will teach you how to deliver and build the level of customer service that your organisations offers.

Customer Service Course Approach

These training courses will show you how to ensure that all of your customers go away delighted with your company. These customer service training courses will make sure that when you leave you are focused on exceeding your customers’ needs and can interact with them far more confidently in all situations. This means that we not only explain the key elements of customer service before, during and after a transaction but also role play different scenarios to ensure that you put these skills into practice during the course.

Customer service is a practical skill that is best learned through practice, once you understand the theory, and so these courses are unashamedly hands-on. They cover the key concepts and skills that you will need and then get you practicing those customer service skills in different practical scenarios.

Why Is Customer Service Training Important? 

It is well known that it is easier to increase sales from your existing customers than it is to find new customers. By  ensuring that your existing customers have a great experience with you company not only do you make it more likely that they will buy more from you but you also ensure that they move to one of your competitors.

Good customer service means that you will develop stronger bonds with your customers. Strong bonds usually lead to long-term relationships. Customers benefit from this as their needs are met and exceeded and the business benefits because satisfied customers are much more likely to be repeat customers.

Good customer service is not easily achieved however. It takes time and energy to set and maintain his standards. It also takes time and thought to ensure that the way that you deal with a customer makes their life easier.

The foundation of good customer service is respect for your customer. It is worth noting that good customer service does not mean that the customer is always right but it does mean that you must always treat your customer with respect whatever the circumstances.


Our main training centre is in Guildford .

We also provide customer service courses in London, Reading and Basingstoke on request.

We are also very happy to provide customer service training at your premises.

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